We support our clients in the following areas:

  • business and financial analysis
  • development of restructuring concepts
  • negotiation on debt settlement
  • establish double nominee accounts and creditor pooling
  • supervision of creditor pools
  • silent receivership
  • create, design and scrutinize insolvency plans
  • representation of the debtor in insolvency proceedings
  • advice and representation of the CEO in criminal and civil law as well as insolvency proceedings
  • acquisitions out of insolvencies
  • representation on the creditors´ committee
  • liquidations
  • consumer insolvency (see consumer insolvency proceedings)
  • insolvency consulting

One of our core competencies lies in insolvency and restructuring with the connected questions of adjacent areas of law (corporate law, labour law, real estate, etc.).

Debt settlement begins with the examination of the economic situation of our client, particularly in relation to the insolvency – related terms of illiquidity and debt overload.

The primary goal is always to identify the possibilities of going concern. It is often based on a restructuring plan, drawn up by us. Dealing with complex matters, we cooperate with tax advisors and accountants.

With the help of appropriate structural adjustment, the often necessary job cuts can be performed without expensive severance pay and labour proceedings. The fate of the workers can be mitigated by cooperation with the local job center or by transition in classification companies (german „BQG“).

The essential subject of the representation is the performing of bi- and multilateral negotiations with creditors to avoid insolvency.

The course of business will be secured with the help of double nominee accounts and creditor pools.

For real estate engagements we implement – in consultation with the creditor banks – a „silent receivership“. The „silent receivership“ secures the rights of the creditors, protects the interests of the debtor and keeps the record of the land register clean. In co-operation with recognized real estate consultants, we optimize the rental or sale potentials.

For creditors we offer claim enforcement and hedging. For creditors we also develop settlement and restructuring approaches and exercise their rights in insolvency proceedings.

We also represent the interests of the debtor during the insolvency proceeding against the insolvency administrator and the creditors.
For creditors and debtors we create, design and scrutinize insolvency plans. We also provide concepts for restructuring, merger and purchase or sale of insolvent companies.

We advise the owner or managing director in the case of their personal liability (see consumer insolvency proceedings).

For any questions please contact us by phone at +49 (0)30 / 263 90 63 or E-Mail on the contact page.