We support our clients in the following areas:

  • contract negotiations in different economic sectors
  • conduct of civil law cases and (also international) arbitration within the country, support abroad
  • law concerning bagmen and licensed dealers
  • franchise law
  • warranty law
  • sales law

In almost all areas of trade, economic and civil law, we provide you with comprehensive advice and representation.

In contract negotiations, it is important to take into account the specifics of the different business sectors. Though we prefer to realize your interests by negotiation, however, in a case of dispute we are able and willing to enforce your interests in court.

The relevance of arbitration in international commerce increases. We scrutinize the relevant advantages and disadvantages of (international) arbitration for your company and negotiate the required competencies with your contractors. In the case of dispute, we enforce your interests at international arbitrations within Germany.

It goes without saying that we deal with all matters of general civil law.

We also offer an effective dunning, run accounts in trust and enforce your claims.

For any questions please contact us by phone at +49 (0)30 / 263 90 63 or E-Mail on the contact page.