The protection against risks, covered by insurances, affects all private and professional spheres of life. Obviously the policyholder is disadvantaged compared to the insurance company when it comes to a claim. In general, the policyholder lacks the expertise to judge the legality of the rejection of his claims. To enforce his rights, the policyholder needs an experienced lawyer, specialized in insurance law.

We represent your interests against insurance companies nationwide efficiently and assertive in all areas of property and personal insurance as well as in company retirement arrangements. In complex insurance cases, we work together with renowned experts and appraisers.

We represent self-employed persons in the sensitive areas of health and disability insurance. Another focus of our activity is the life- and annuity insurance. These insurances offer not only protection in the case of death. They are often used as a financial tool for real estate and other investments. We regularly observe mistakes in terms of advice and calculation. In cases like that, claims can be enforced against the insurance company or the insurance broker.

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We also represent the interests of policyholders in individual and mass-mandate for the so-called credit-financed pension-plans, which were distributed in the nineties by companies, such as SpaRenta, SchneeGruppe, Optirente or EuroLex. Ask a lawyer, specialized in insurance law, before you plan a reversal of the contract.

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